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About us

Get to know a little bit about us

From our Academy located in Solon, to our Iowa City music studio and store, ours is a family-driven and family-owned business of lifetime musicians.

Whether you need lessons, a new instrument, a repair, a piano moved, or something in between, Brock Family Music is here to help you with everything musical.

So—how can we help you find your sound?

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Choose your class

Instrumental & Vocal Lessons

Our instrumental & vocal lessons are available for all, regardless of experience or background.

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Instrumental Lessons

Piano, Guitar, Percussion, Trumpet, etc
Cost: $100/mo

Vocal Lessons

Cost: $100/mo

Tragedy and Comedy masks.

Theater Lessons

Cost: $100/mo

Our instruments in-store

What's In Our Shop

Shop online or browse through our showroom to find the perfect instrument for you.


Instrument Accessories

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What we do

Piano Moving & Storage

Experienced moving team & storage

Piano moving is a passion of ours, and our experienced piano moving team is composed of musicians who care about your piano as much as you do.

Whether it’s a local move or cross-country, up the stairs of a choir loft, or into a new home, our piano moving team is ready to help.

Our Piano Moving & Storage Services

Long Distance Moving
Short Distance Moving
Residential Moving
Institutional Moving
Grand Piano Storage
Upright Storage
Values and beliefs

Our Promise To You

A music store for all, where none are left behind.

Quality Services

Lessons, rentals, instrument services, and more from lifelong musicians.

Friendly Experience

From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave, we’re here to help find your sound.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Everyone, no matter who they are, should get a chance to play music.

Our passion

“Without music,
life would be a mistake.”

-Friedrich Nietzsche

At Brock Family Music, our mission is to make music available to everyone.

We believe in teaching music to a wide range of people, regardless of age or immediate skill.  We’re happy to help find your sound, and the teacher and curriculum to bring it out.  

If you’ve wanted to explore music for a while, this is your sign to give it a try.  We can’t wait to see what you can do!

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Let's get started

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Tuning and more

Our Instrument Services

From a quick tune-up to an extensive repair, we’re the musicians to call.

Piano Tuning

Professional tuning preformed by musicians deeply familiar with a variety of piano types and how to care for them.

Piano Restoration

Whether it just needs a good polish, or a complete refurbishing, we can restore your piano, good as new.

Instrument Repair

As lifelong musicians and repairmen, there’s nothing we haven’t seen.  Bring in your instrument, and let’s fix it up.

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A Newsletter For Musicians, By Musicians

Think of it as a little note or two, from us to you.

Every Fall and Spring Semester, Brock Family Music releases a seasonal newsletter to keep our clientele and students updated as to studio news and events.  

We’re extremely proud to produce materials that keep our audience engaged and connected, and we welcome any suggestions or additions to the newsletter people would like to see!  

Happy reading!

Newsletter Features

Curious on what you will find in our newsletters? Here are a few topics you can expect:

Messages from Chuck & Alicia

Studio Staff & Teacher News

Season Activity Calendars

Locations & hours

Making music forever starts with a single visit.

From music lessons to discovering the right instrument for you, our music studio has you covered.

Call, email, or visit one of our facilities today!

Iowa City, IA

Solon, IA

Store & Studio Hours

(Iowa City location only)

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